group and private sessions available

$130/month • 8 scheduled classes • save $125
$25/new student intro • by appointment only!
$35/single class • visitors only!

Private One-to-One and Small Group (up to 4 students)
training with Mestra Edna Lima!
$150/special rate • Winter 2018
$220/regular rate • after February 2018

What to expect on the first session

MARTIAL ARTS: Offensive and defense techniques, strategy and tactics, advanced kicking

FITNESS: Flexibility, balance, agility, power and endurance.

• 5 min: Review registration and needs (submit forms before first session).
• 10 min: warm-up, dynamic stretching and light cardio movement.
• 10 min: Introduction and analysis of basic and specific techniques.
• 10 min: Biomechanics and functional application of specific techniques and combined movements.
• 10 min: Coordination, balance, progression of movement techniques, agility using specific skills
• 10 min: Active recovery, review and cool-down

What students are saying about Mestra Edna Lima

One of the best things about it was when you demonstrated how particular moves can be used against an opponent when you're actually playing and visualize what they are trying to do and move with purpose. I can't wait until next time... next time i'm bringing friends!

I recently took your workshop and wanted to take the time to express what a wonderful experience it was for me ... not only was it physically rewarding but also, mentally empowering ... you had a admirable way about how you balanced teaching with conviction, strength and discipline and yet managed to also maintain a positive encouraging reinforcement ... I left the class admiring you for such a wonderful experience. thank you once again.

I enjoyed the workshop because I was able to focus on specific kicking techniques that I know I need to work on, using my hips and flexing my foot and working on balance. I also love the music.

Thank you very much for the kind words and positive feedback. I had a great time at the workshop! I like working on the music separately because I like to focus on the music while I'm not worrying about my game. It was great!! Obrigada!

Thank you so much for the workshop and your encouraging words. You are a great teacher and inspiration! I am really loving Capoeira too. One thing I really like about the way that you teach is - when you give us direction in our practice it is advice that also applies to life. I can hear many meanings to the things you say to us :) I love the music because it makes me happy. I listened to the CD I bought from you all weekend.

Mestra Edna Lima has the fire and excitement
of legendary martial arts masters

You have improved the lives of countless men and women through Capoeira Workout® and your youth programs in Harlem. You have made a great contribution to the people of New York, and I commend you for all your achievements.
William Jefferson Clinton
President of the United States

You represent power and strength not only in Capoeira but also in life. Many lives have been changed for the better due to your presence.
Helen Foster
Commissioner, Division of Human Rights
New York State

Your programs are developing activities that foster discipline and self-respect, and I commend you.
Letitia James
Public Advocate
New York City

Edna is a role model for women, an example to be successful in finding their own path in this wonderful art.
Mestre Camisa
Founder & Chief Instructor
ABADÁ Capoeira

Your special talents and spirit embody the meaning of Karate-Do: The potential for understanding to bridge the distance between people and cultures. You have been a fierce competitor and important member of the US National Karate Team for many years from Tokyo to Paris to Philadelphia.
Shuseki Shihan Teruyuki Okazaki
International Shotokan Karate Federation

I find you a person of many qualities and I admire your talent, devotion, seriousness, professionalism, charisma, frankness, honesty and deeply felt friendship.
Mestre Joâo Grande
Founder and Chief Instructor
Capoeira Angola Center
National Heritage Fellow
National Endowment for the Arts

Your martial arts teach more than the art of fighting. You are teaching the art of living.
Shihan Kai Leung
Chief Instructor
International Shotokai Karate-Do Federation

As a citizen of the world you show a spirit of compassion and love for your comrades that is a stirring example for us all to follow. Your ability to transform the physical performance of martial arts to a communication between cultures is truly amazing.
Dr. Milorad Stricevic
Associate Dean, School of Health Professions
Long Island University

The combination of your astonishing athletic skills and your warm and caring engagement brought a new vitality to the New York cultural scene. We are all indebted to you for your continued commitment to the promotion of Capoeira and Brazilian arts.
Barbara Browning
Chair, Department of Performance Studies
New York University

Edna transcends technical excellence and through aesthetics and grace achieves elegance in movement and shows all of us a way to live more beautifully.
Julio Tavares
Professor of Anthropology
Florida Atlantic University
Universidade Federal Fluminense

We are proud to honor you again for your continued dedication to the arts, as well as your compassion and innovativeness as an instructor. In addition to earning high-level rank in both Capoeira and Shotokan Karate, you have demonstrated your dedication as a practitioner. Perhaps more important, you have proved your dedication to the arts as a teacher.
Robert Young
Executive Editor
Black Belt Magazine

Edna is a natural leader and an advocate for the rights of athletes. Many have gained from knowing her.
Bill Bly
American Samurai Magazine

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